Demand for online video is exploding! And with over 15 years experience in the film and TV industries, Media Ray is a one stop shop for web video production. We offer competitive pricing for complete web video production packages to artists, community groups, individuals, families and small businesses. 

Whether it's: artist profiles, event promos, community event documentation, promotional videos for small businesses, documentary, educational, or celebrations that require a video. Media Ray can help you realise your ideas within budget, in a realistic timeframe, with the gear best suited to the job. 


At Media Ray we are also well versed in the creative funding application process. If you are applying for funding for a project that may need video documentation, then we can help you prepare your funding application budget to include these costings.

Contact for a free quote and we can...

Meet, discuss, and budget


Once we are on the same page we can then:

Develop a script and storyboard

Shoot video or develop graphics

Edit, approve and deliver the finished product!









Because filmmaking is a collaborative process, Media Ray has great working relationships with other freelancers and companies in Wellington.  When you work with Media Ray you are also tapping into a fantastic pool of talent. Here are just a few of our favourite people:



Jessica Charlton

DOP / Camera / Aerial Cinematography

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