All streams lead to the sea, but in the wild depths of the Awakari Valley, only one road runs inland. 'Madman's Creek.

A paper road weaves its way inland where local legend Johnny Currie lives. He first came to this valley in 1948, as a 7-year-old, hunting goats. He's done it all. Farming, logging, deer stalking, mining, caving, and tour guiding. He's the bushman's bushman.

Fast forward 72 years and Johnny is still there, surrounded by wild deer he has provided sanctuary for. As Johnny boils his billy, we hear his account of life. From the days when logging ruled to recent times when activists perched in trees to save the native bush flanking his land during the infamous 'Charleston Chainsaw' massacre. After years of being caught in the crossfire, he now looks for closure. Along the way imparts his knowledge of bush lore and the joy of living off the land and honoring our environment for future generations. A true metamorphosis from clear-felling logger to forest protector.